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A door and window system is not just a window, a blind or a main entrance door. It is an instrument which enables you to see out and breathe, letting in air and light. It is an architectural element which ensures an opening to the outside, and is what enables you to watch the world from your home.

The main task of doors and windows is to ensure that rooms have a micro-climate that is suitable for your living needs. They should protect from the cold, from noise, from attempts at burglary and should allow communication with the outside world, offering the possibility of ventilating rooms and benefiting from the sun’s warmth and light.

This is what Tosi windows and doors are all about.



Why you should choose PVC doors and windows:

  • you can help to save the green forests
  • they are 57% salt
  • they are 97% recyclable
  • they are acid-resistant, safe from attack by microorganisms in mould and self-extinguishing
  • the high insulating power allows significant energy saving, cutting CO2 emissions as a result

Windows and French windows

  • Dolomiti Design is the new system for creating doors and windows. This unprecedented innovation in the doors and windows sector originates from the best aerospace technology and the world of Formula One.

  • Windows with new profiles Everest are the ideal form of savings. Compared to a standard window, those made with the system Everest offer up to 50% more thermal insulation.

  • The Gran Paradiso system is synonymous with freshness, colour and youth; capable of excellent performance, it guarantees flexibility, thermal and sound insulation and security.

  • Tosi Serramenti introduces 3D COLOR, the new way to paint your home.

  • Con l'introduzione del Total look, Tosi Serramenti ridefinisce la concezione dell'elemento finestra che, da elemento architettonico volto ad assicurare prestazioni di isolamento termico ed acustico

  • Damages provoked by the carriage? Mistakes in the cleaning process, damages by effraction, flaws of the production or manipulation?

  • Tosi Serramenti’s special deals’ corner is a virtual place where you can buy our doors and windows at very affordable prices.

Main entrance doors

  • The main entrance door is the business card of your home, reflecting your lifestyle: this choice defines your house, both during renovation and when being built from scratch.

Blinds - Shutters

  • The countless combinations of forms, colours, slats and panels make it possible to fully satisfy your personal tastes and the architectural-design requirements of your home.

Rolling Shutter Boxes

  • The restoration rolling shutter box system will win you over with its pleasing aesthetics, thanks to its rounded corners and simple design.